Do u need a License to Carry in Texas?

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See our Carrying Firearms page for more information on this new law. Texans can carry guns without a license or training starting in September. Greg Abbott signed the permit free transportation bill Wednesday. The new law doesn't apply to long guns, such as rifles.

There are no licensing requirements to carry them in Texas. The new law will take effect in September. Currently, Texans are required to have a license to carry handguns, whether they are open or hidden. That includes college campuses and government meetings, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, along with any private company that decides to ban the carrying of weapons without a license, and has room for more no-gun signs.

In addition, gun buyers can skip a background check if they have a license to carry them, and even carry them in some places that those without a permit cannot. In gun license classes, applicants learn basic firearm laws, conflict resolution, and proper firearm storage, and must demonstrate basic shooting proficiency. Houston Public Media is supported by its donations to the Houston Public Media Foundation and is licensed by the University of Houston. But it's not about getting rid of that background check that's still required at the point of sale if you buy a gun from a federally licensed gun dealer in Texas.

Under the new law, (expected to take effect in September 2002) Texans would no longer need that license to carry a gun. When you purchase a gun from a licensed dealer, you must go through a background check, although that is not required for private gun sales in Texas. Long guns such as shotguns and rifles, including semi-automatic rifles, were and are still allowed to be openly transported in most public places in Texas without a license. Cotton, a firearms instructor, also encourages gun owners to get a license to carry anyway, not just because of the learning experience, but also because the license is good in other states that have reciprocity with Texas.

HB 1927, which removed the requirement to have a license to carry a handgun, did not remove these restrictions. A license is also considered a valid form of identification when issuing a ballot and grants expedited access to the Texas Capitol. This doesn't change the fact that anyone who buys a gun in Texas from a federally licensed drug dealer still has to go through the FBI background check. A handgun license would allow the bearer to have reciprocity in other states that have enacted such legislation.

Section 46.02 of the Texas Penal Code requires that a gun be carried in a holster, but does not provide a definition of the word holster. Before the Permissionless Carrying Act was signed, Texans generally needed a license to carry firearms openly or concealed.

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