Is Texas License to Carry the same as Concealed Carry?

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There is no difference between an LTC and a CHL in Texas. Since this change occurred recently, these two terms are often used interchangeably. The Texas license to carry a handgun is valid for four years. To renew a license, the licensee must submit additional application materials and an application fee to the Department, including a signed form confirming that they have received information about state law on the use of lethal force and places where it is illegal for a licensee to carry a weapon of fire.

Basically, as long as you're legally allowed to own a firearm under state or federal law, you take a short course taught by a state-licensed LTC instructor and do some paperwork. While Texas recognizes concealed carry permits from any other issuing state, many states have stricter reciprocity laws. It can be difficult to understand what is required and to know the best way to obtain your Texas transportation license. In general, all other records are confidential and not subject to mandatory disclosure, except that the applicant or licensee may receive a copy of the disclosable records upon request and payment of a reasonable fee.

Not all states offer reciprocity, but those that do will allow you to carry your firearm while in that state, as long as you have a valid Texas LTC. The State of Texas has up to eight weeks to process your application and all the accompanying paperwork. For additional information on nonresident licensing requirements, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website. Texas now allows the classroom portion of the License to Carry a Firearm class to be completed online.

Moving to Texas from another state doesn't require a permit, background check, or firearm registration. Texas is a minor state with concealed gun permits issued at the state level by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The LTC-101 will need to be taken to any instructor with a transport license for the demonstration of proficiency. Concealed carry reciprocity maps show states that honor a concealed carry permit or license from another particular state.

To apply for a permit from another state, you must file an application (LTC-78A), pay the required fees, successfully complete the required training in Texas, and submit all supporting documents.

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