Do u need a license to Concealed Carry in Texas?

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Texas requires handgun license applicants to obtain evidence of firearm proficiency as a prerequisite for obtaining a license, 14. The new law that will take effect in September. The Texas Department of Public Safety issues the Texas license to carry a firearm on a non-discretionary basis (“to be issued”) to all eligible and qualified applicants. Long guns such as shotguns and rifles, including semi-automatic rifles, were and are still allowed to be openly transported in most public places in Texas without a license. A license is not required to carry a permit when you carry a handgun in a personal or private motor vehicle or boat.

There are certain public places where firearms are not allowed, even under constitutional carrying, unless you are a licensed police officer. Upon request from a local law enforcement agency, the Department will notify the agency of licenses that have been issued to license holders residing in the county in which the agency is located. Currently, Texans are required to have a license to carry guns, regardless of whether they are open or hidden. In general, all other records are confidential and not subject to mandatory disclosure, except that the applicant or licensee may receive a copy of the disclosable records upon request and payment of a reasonable fee.

A handgun license would allow the bearer to have reciprocity in other states that have enacted such legislation. Prior to the passage of this law, Texas law required individuals to complete a basic safety training course and pass a background check to obtain a firearms license from the Texas Department of Public Safety, which authorized them to carry concealed weapons in most locations. public. Potential licensees also need to submit their fingerprints and pass a background check to obtain permission.

Upon receiving a request for a hearing from a licensee or applicant, the department will promptly schedule a hearing in the appropriate court of law or in the county of residence of the applicant or licensee. People with a handgun license can take their gun to some places where people without a license cannot. For additional information on nonresident licensing requirements, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website. Texas law requires the Governor of Texas to negotiate agreements with other states that issue firearm licenses so that Texas can recognize them.

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