Does Texas require License to Carry?

See our Carrying Firearms page for more information on this new law. The new law will take effect in September. Conservative activists have long lobbied for a permitless transportation law in Texas, but such measures had little force in the previous three legislative sessions. An applicant can receive LTC online training (classroom only) through an approved online course provider that has been approved in Texas.

Long guns such as shotguns and rifles, including semi-automatic rifles, were and are still allowed to be openly transported in most public places in Texas without a license. A handgun license would allow the bearer to have reciprocity in other states that have enacted such legislation. Texas law gives most private owners the power to choose whether they want to allow guns on their property or not. Currently, Texans are required to have a license to carry guns, regardless of whether they are open or hidden.

A license is not required to carry a permit when you carry a handgun in a personal or private motor vehicle or boat. Texas law enforcement officials expressed strong opposition to the new law as it progressed through the Legislature. Texas permit holders should always consult the other state's reciprocity laws to determine if their Texas permit will be honored in that state. The processing time for the application for a new transportation license permit is up to 60 days from the date your complete application is received by DPS.

The new Texas law does not grant the right to carry a gun to anyone who was prohibited before the new law went into effect. Because Texas is a shallow issuing state, an applicant cannot be denied a license to carry a permit unless they are disqualified under state or federal law. For additional information on residency permit requirements, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website. An applicant can attend LTC classroom training and demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting) with a qualified LTC instructor from Texas, or.

Residents who are denied a transportation license permit in the state of Texas can request an appeal within 30 days.

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