How hard is the Texas Concealed Carry test?

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Eighty percent of the shots are made at 3 and 7 yards, so it is possible to pass the test without scoring at a distance of 15 yards. It's not a difficult test. However, passing the test requires the student to demonstrate reasonable shooting ability, safe handling of the weapon, and familiarity with loading and safety procedures. The Texas LTC shooting test is at a basic level and most new shooters pass with ease.

The primary purpose of the shooting competition portion of the course is to show safe handgun handling skills. The scoring part of the shooting competition is easy and everyone gets the score needed to pass. As long as you know the basics of using handguns, such as loading your magazine, placing the slide, and how to operate your gun safely, you'll do well. You will obtain at least the minimum score required to pass the shooting proficiency test.

When they need information about gun safety or want to take a Texas LTC online course, gun owners rely on the expertise of Online Texas LTC professionals. The firearms education professionals at Online LTC, one of the leading providers of LTC 101 classes, provide a detailed overview of what you can expect with LTC testing requirements in Texas and what you can do to prepare. State law now allows you to use any weapon you want without restrictions for the Texas LTC shooting test. To get a Texas transportation license, you'll need to take a class and a test actually two tests, but more on that below.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, you'll need 50 rounds of ammunition for the proficiency test.

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