Is Texas License to Carry valid in Oklahoma?

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Oklahoma recognizes any valid permit or license to carry concealed or non-concealed weapons issued by another state. If you are from a state that allows you to carry a gun but does not issue permits or licenses, Oklahoma corresponds to you under your state's permit law. Oklahoma will continue to issue concealed carry licenses that Texas will recognize. Recently, the Oklahoma legislature amended its open carrying statutes to set aside the question of whether or not reciprocal license holders from other states could open transportation in Oklahoma.

Texans who can legally own a gun can now carry a gun without a permit, and while the law no longer requires training, most experts agree that it's still a good idea. Texas's new law now coincides with existing law in Oklahoma, but you'll want to check with other states before traveling with a gun, many will still need a license to carry a permit. The question of whether a Texan with a Texas concealed weapon license can carry open weapons in Oklahoma has finally been answered. Firearm licenses issued by your home state can now legally carry concealed handguns in Texas, and vice versa.

To obtain a transportation license in Texas, applicants must pass a federal background check, which means that anyone with convictions for felonies, some misdemeanors, certain psychological diagnoses, and dependence on chemicals or alcohol cannot obtain a license. Thomas, director of the Department of Public Safety, and Ron Young, criminal administrator of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, proclaimed that people with a valid license to carry a firearm can carry guns in Texas and Oklahoma. Oklahoma recognizes any valid permit to carry concealed or non-concealed weapons, valid military identification cards, and valid licenses issued by another state. With constitutional transportation, you can't be within 1,000 feet of a school, but if you have your license to carry, you can be on school property.

Under Texas law, LTC-licensed police officers and judges can carry firearms almost anywhere, whether they are on duty or off duty A constitutional carry-over law will go into effect in Oklahoma starting Nov. 1, and officials say Texomans should remember not to will apply in Texas. Therefore, your Texas concealed weapon license, which is recognized in Oklahoma, will now allow you to carry open or concealed weapons in areas of Oklahoma that are not prohibited by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act.

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